Garden Progress Post 2

I’m bragging today. For a newbie gardener I think I’m doing a pretty good job at not killing all my plants! I took these pictures last night.

Now that we have consistently warm weather everything is growing like crazy! I’m patiently waiting for my tomatoes to turn red. Those suckers are taking forever!

This is my biggest one and I’m hoping it’s on the verge of ripening. I can’t wait to make a caprese salad with these suckers and my basil! Oh and some homemade salsa with my cilantro and jalapeno.

Speaking of my jalapeno plant:

I have one little guy whose growing fast. Lots of other little buds though.

My squash have taken off and would over run the whole garden if I let them. I got a packet of seeds that were a mixture of various squash so it’s been kind of a surprise to me what is actually going to grow. So far I can tell I have a yellow squash:

And a couple of round-type squash:

You can hardly see it in this picture, but it’s something I’ll have to look up. Regardless, I’ll be doing lots with squash in the next month or so 🙂

The sugar snap peas are taller than I expected them to be and my carrots are doing great. The watermelon plants have been very slow, but with the hots days we’ve had recently I’m seeing more growth on them. The bell peppers are being extremely slow and I’m wondering if I’ll get anything off of those this summer.


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