Fun With Kool Aid

Yep, I’ve been playing around with dying my own yarn. I got four hanks of bare yarn for my birthday and am loving making my own colors for sock yarn. So far I’ve dyed three of the hanks and I’m contemplating what to do with the fourth. I used an article from Knitty as a guide, found here. It is so stickin’ easy. And I’m in love with the colors that came out.

First I used Grape. I under estimated the number of packets I would need and it came out much lighter than I expected.

This has already been knit up into a pair of Jaywalkers. With lots of yarn leftover. I may need a pair of matching hand warmers. Or even a beanie. (Knit Picks Bare yarn does not skimp on yardage!)

Next I did Strawberry

I absolutely love this color. This has Christmas socks written all over it. In fact, I’ve started a pair of Broadripples and they are turning out great!

And the third color I did was Lemon Lime. Love this color too!

This is another yarn that will soon become a Christmas present. It’s the perfect green for one of my step-daughters.

And did you get that? I’ve already started on my holiday knitting. This year I’m breaking out of my selfish knitting and making gifts for other people. Only those who will truly appreciate it, but it makes me feel good to be gifting some that I put so much of my time and love into. Some extra days off here and there are really helping me get a jump start on all the knitting too.



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  1. * Knitting Bee says:

    That first lilac one is absolutely gorgeous!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 12 months ago

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