First Harvest

So I’m a little late with this pics, but here are the first two products of my little container garden

What, I didn’t post that I’d also added zucchini to my collection? Yah, it’s a busy time of year for me. I kind of cheated and bought a plant that already had a ripe zucchini on it, but the plant has done wonders since I’ve planted it.

Day one of zucchini plant:

And after two weeks:

The thing just exploded! Next to it is a crooked neck squash plant that has a couple squash doubling in size every day.

The zucchini I picked was quickly grilled and consumed. And enjoyed. The tomato was good, but small. And the poor tomato plant is not doing so well. I did get two tomatoes off of it so I’m happy. Still keeping my fingers crossed for more.

In other topsy turvy news, my bell pepper plant is really flourishing! Tonight I picked my first bell pepper (and second zucchini)

I think we’ll be having stir fry this weekend. Or maybe more grilled veggies. Either way, I think next year I’m planting a lot more fruits and vegetables!


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