Keeping Me Busy

I finished the SF Giants bag in perfect time to felt, dry and take with me on my trip this week to the Bay Area. Of course I didn’t take pictures of it felted, so just imagine it half the size and a little fuzzier 🙂

I tried a different color pattern this time, with diagonal strips rather than diamonds up each side and I had a very hard time with the bottom. It wasn’t until I was halfway done that I realized I’d messed up the color combo. Oh well. It looks like a big “C” and that can stand for my last name I guess. Here is the other side:

There was no way in hell I was ripping all these mitered square out to fix it. As it is, I spent every spare second I had working to get this finished in time. I have to say, it will probably be a while before I make another one. Yep, a little burnt out on this pattern.

Next up, a pair of socks I was working on before starting the Giants bag. Finished this morning:

These are the Spring Forward pattern from Knitty in Lisa Souza Sage. I have to say I loved both the pattern and the yarn.

And the color! I love the color. Such beautiful shades of green. Just one more picture 🙂

This one shows of the pattern a little more. Definitely yarn I’ll be buying more of and a pattern I’ll be doing over and over again!


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  1. * Laura says:

    I love the socks. That colour just looks ace 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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