Sierra Socks

I finished another pair of socks. And just in time for summer. My timing is perfect 🙂

I made this pair for one of my uncles. Since I’ve knit something for everyone else in their family I thought it was time he deserved something too. Here I am trying them on for pictures and blogging:

Not the best picture since it was with my camera on my phone, but you can see how I accidently got the stipes to pretty much line up. Go me! Here’s a little better picture of them

I used On-Line Supersocke 100 and size 1 needles. It’s the basic sock pattern I got from Kim way back when she first taught me how to make socks. I was going to call these Mountain Socks because I was working on them last weekend while hubby and I were up in the mountains, celebrating our 3rd anniversary. The colors in this yarn reminded me of all the beauty around us. And then I found the label this morning and the actual color name is Sierra. Perfect for my aunt and uncle who one day hope to move to the Sierra foothills. Not only is the name perfect, but I thought the color completely matched my uncle and all the outdoorsy stuff he enjoys. And to top it off, I got this yarn at Stitches West last year while I was staying with them. This yarn was meant to be knit up into a pair of sock for Uncle Paul.

A side note on this yarn – I LOVE IT! Not only is it wonderful to knit with, but there is so much leftover. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the leftovers yet, but it will look great with my growing collection of leftover balls of sock yarn. I can’t wait to try different colors of this yarn.


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