Christmas Break with the Dogs

Various pictures from the few snow storms we’ve had over the last two weeks:

Ginger loves playing in the snow.

Daisy – not so much.  She’s getting so grumpy in her old age!

Ginger rounding the corner at full speed. She never did learn to slow down before hitting the pavement and then slidding into the BBQ.

This is the one lonely tree left in our backyard. We found out towards the end of summer that it’s an apple tree but since it’s not been taken care the few pieces of fruit it did produce had worms 😦 Hubby is digging it out in the Spring.

Christmas decorating with Daisy. Yep, we’re mean dog parents and decorate her every year for pictures. She’s very cooperative when it comes to this.

Ginger hates it! One of these years we’ll get them both decorated for our photo Christmas cards 🙂


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