Little Surprises

A couple of months ago, in the midst of our unpacking, I came across one of our old 35mm cameras. With a roll of film in it, half used. I was so delighted when the batteries were not dead and I could finish off the roll and then get it developed. I honestly couldn’t remember when the last time was that we used this particular camera so I had no idea what could be on the first half of the roll. Over the last two months I snapped various pictures of Ginger because we have so few printed out pictures of her and then just various things here and there.

Finally we got to the last picture and I finally got around to dropping it off the other day to get developed. It had pictures on it from when we were living in Portland, over two years ago. Many of the pictures were of Daisy, but there were a few really cute ones of my youngest step-daughter. Surprisingly the whole roll came out and the most recent pictures are of family and of course Ginger.

But it made me remember how much fun it was waiting to get film developed and the funny things that come out when you don’t have a Delete button to get rid of picture that doesn’t look “perfect”. And even in the two months it took us to finish off the roll I’d forgotten a couple of pictures I’d taken of my sister-in-law and nephew. And now I have a few more pictures to add to the unfinished photo album sitting on my coffee table. It really makes me want to get a new battery for the really nice 35mm camera I have an start using that every once in a while, if only to be surprised by a picture I took many months before.


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