There are very few things I don’t like about knitting and finishing or blocking is one of them. I do love the end result of a blocked project, but I tend to finish something and immediately move on to starting something new. I now have a pile of projects needing to be blocked and finished so said projects can be used or worn, especially since the weather is drastically changing again.

I have been working on a slow-ass project lately, but I’m on a mission to block and finish the many projects that have been hidden in a drawer, extra closet or airproof bag and have been all but forgotten. It is kind of fun running across projects that I’ve finished long ago and halfway forgot I had. I started tonight with the Noro socks I made for hubby.

Back to that slow-ass scarf I just mentioned and Noro sock yarn. Well, I decided I hate Noro Kuryeon sock yarn. It just doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the scratchiness of it and I don’t like the various thickness throughout the skein. But I do love the colorway so I decided to start a scarf with it. In entralac. On size 6 needles. Crazy? Yes. Slow? Yes. But pretty? YES And entralac has enough going on with it that I’m not bored yet. And I’m on my 4th week of knitting this thing! I’m maybe half way done, but I’m going to keep plugging at it because it’s going to be a great looking scarf. Even if it is next winter before I really finish it.


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