Yummy Cupcakes

A co-worker brought me a recipe a couple months back and asked me if I’d be willing to bake them and bring them into work. I was very flattered that she thought so highly of my baking skills, but told her I’d need to borrow a cupcake pan to make them in. Guess what was sitting on my desk the next day – yep, a 12-cup cupcake pan. With my dinky 6-cup pan I’d have plenty of cupcakes.

The recipe is Carrot Cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. I’m usually all for store bought cream cheese frosting, but I put in the extra effort for this recipe. I was still trying to impress my co-workers with my mad baking/kitchen skills after all. It’s not a low fat recipe by any means and it’s got lots and lots of sugar. But really, the carrots and pineapple are healthy enough, right?? The only modifications I made was to the frosting. I used reduced fat cream cheese and only 3 cups of confectioners sugar. And there was enough frosting left for a couple batches of this recipe. Or enough leftover to make yourself sick by taking little spoonfuls of it here and there. Yes, I’m a sweet-freak and I know it!

Hubby helped me in with the frosting and thought the vanilla made it an ugly brownish color. He proposed food coloring – like green or orange. After much hesitation I agreed to orange because of his rationale – “Carrots are orange. Or they have green tops.” He wasn’t giving up so the frosting turned out a light orange color. Only a boy who isn’t a baker would suggest turning cream cheese frosting a different color. Regardless, they tasted wonderful!


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