Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. And for the next five days it’s not going to get any better because I’m leaving town. Actually leaving the state. Going to visit relatives, which I’m so looking forward to after a couple of years with only my crazy in-laws.

I’ve said it before, but work is really draining me right now. It takes all the energy I have to watch the recorded episodes on my dvr some nights. Netflix has become the biggest waste of money or we’ve become their best customers. And knitting. We’ll I finished my secret birthday gift in barely enough time to get it in the mail. So guess who forgot to take pictures. Yah, that would be me. It was another mitered square bag for my aunt in bright green and black. If it makes it to where I am this weekend I will be sure to take a few pics.

I also started on a pair of baby socks for a friend who is due with her first baby boy in December. I’m using up some leftover yarn which I’ll have to look back at previous posts to find the name. But it’s perfect boy colors. I’m not really using a pattern, which was probably my first mistake. The first sock turned out great. The second turned out quite a bit smaller. I frogged it back to the heal flap and started over. Luckily I’m already close to the toe decreases. That’s how fast these baby things knit up. I’m all about instant gratification.

I just downloaded the pattern for Jaywalkers and I plan on starting them when I get to the airport tomorrow morning. I will be using up my Noro from Stitches West (the one in front).

I’ve never done a pair of jaywalkers, but I think I’ll have some time to work on them over the next five days so we’ll see how things go.

Hopefully, things will settle down a little bit at work and I can get back to mt weekly blogging. I’ve been dying to post about a fabulous carrot cake cupcake recipe I tried last weekend. Well, now that I’ve mentioned it I guess I have to come back soon šŸ™‚


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