Chicken Kabobs

Who knew something I was craving would turn out to be quite healthy.

Last week we got on the subject of kabobs at work. Since then I hadn’t been able to get them off my mind. I marinated two rather large chicken breasts in Kraft’s Light Zesty Italian salad dressing. Then I skewered the chicken with sweet yellow onions, pineapple, and bell peppers. I basted the skewers with a little more dressing and threw them on the bbq. Kabobs alone are a perfect reason to invest in even the cheapest outdoor grill (Kim, I’m talkin’ to you!). I put it with some white rice and teriyaki sauce and it was our Sunday dinner. Every once in a while it’s nice to have a dinner and when I look at what I’m eating I realize it’s pretty good for me.

The only thing I forgot for this was cherry tomatoes. Those would have added that pop of color that seems to be missing. Otherwise it was pretty good 🙂


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