Summer Joys

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. Here is some proof:

This was the first bloom off the rose bush my husband was adamant we tear out. There were two very old rose bushes outside our front door that looked like they’d never really been taken care of. I let him pull out the worst looking of the two. And this beautiful rose was proof that I could get a bloom or two out of it. I was so happy to cut it and put it in a vase to flaunt in our kitchen for him to see 🙂

And here is my first harvest off the raspberry bush in the backyard that he hasn’t gotten around to cutting down (sorry, not the best picture):

There is nothing like sun ripened raspberries. I’m sad because I half forgot about them and there are a lot of dried up berries out there that I could have enjoyed. After tasting the first few I will be out there every other day to get more. I already can’t wait to put them on my cereal tomorrow morning. I will be sad when hubby does get around to tearing it out, but it’s another thing in our yard that was never taken care of and needs to go. Or at least seriously cut back. But for now I’m so happy to be saving money on fresh berries!

Ooohh, and we’re supposed to have a thunder and lightening storm tonight. Yep, summer storms make me happy too!


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