You want to go where??

I’m still not used to this strange state I live in and the natives. Most of the people I know and work with are from California, where I’m from. But every once in a while I run into someone who was actually born and raised here. They may have spent some time elsewhere, but they end up making their way back to Idaho. And even though they have ventured away from their comfort zone, albeit briefly, most (at least the one’s I know) haven’t come back with an expanded mind.

Case in point: Today we celebrated my supervisor’s birthday a few days early because 1) it’s on the weekend and 2) she’ll be gone the rest of the week for a long weekend (happy dance has been done multiple times by me and fellow co-workers). Our boss decided to close our department, which never happens and treat us to lunch for our supervisor’s birthday. Her choice – Panda Express. Fast food, fake Chinese food. Really??!!  It has a drive-thru for crying out loud! It definitely wouldn’t be my first choice for a lunch that my boss was paying for. But I’m not sure why we were all a little shocked with her choice. After all this is a woman who thinks Taco Bell is the best Mexican food she’s ever had, and that McDonald’s a few times a week for her three young kids is a healthy and nutritious choice for dinner. Did I mention she’s a native?

I’m sure my boss was thrilled to get off so cheaply for lunch. However, the other 4 of us, all of who have come from elsewhere – mainly CA, all decided next year we’re going to surprise her by actually picking out the restaurant and taking her there rather than telling her an hour before we leave to pick somewhere. Ya know, in case a large group needs reservations or we need to have plenty of time to drive into Boise (hint, hint).


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