This Time It’s For Real

Tonight I finally got my own computer set up again. I was going to keep blogging while using my hubby’s computer, but it got to be too much of a pain. It took my Ipod battery completely dying and needing charging for us to get my computer room situated and then get the damn machine set up.

In the last few weeks I completed the Noro socks, did a dish cloth, taught myself how to cable and am almost finished with the Yarn Harlot’s An Unoriginal Hat. Yep, I’m in love with cables. So in the next week or so I will be playing catch up on here, on the Knittyboards and Ravelry and on reading the blogs I can’t read at work.

I’ve been busy taking pictures of other things around here and there will be more to come later. I know, I promise that all the time.

On a side note: how can I forget so many of my passwords in a matter of a few weeks???


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