Ready to Be Done!

I’m so done with this moving business!! I just want to get back to normal – knitting, the gym, homecooked meals, watching TV. I’m tired of living between two houses and spending my nights and weekends painting. Three straight weeks of manual labor is about all I can handel! The carpet was installed yesterday which means we can move in this weekend. I don’t know how easy the moving will be since my husband’s family are all a bunch of flakes who still can’t commit to helping us and we don’t have too many friends yet. But it will get done. And we’ll remember how willing they all were the next time they move or need help with anything for that matter.

Needless to say, I’m only on the heel flap of the Noro sock I started way back when. Kim’sgotten me thoroughly distracted by sending me The Other Boleyn Girl. I love it and I’m so glad I didn’t see the movie. It’s in my Netflix queue, but the rate I’ve been watching movies lately I won’t get it for a couple of years and by then I won’t be making constant comparisons between the book and movie.

Tomorrow’s Friday and I’ll be glad when this week is over! Have a wonderful weekend.


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