Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

It was another long week. We are in the process of buying a house. Actually we’re in the house hunting phase. I think you’ll get just how much I love house hunting by the pic my hubby snapped of me Thursday night:

Don’t I look thrilled?! It’s tiring, time consuming and cutting into my workout/knitting/reality show watching schedule. I know, I know. It will be wonderful not to be renting any more, but it still sucks. Especially when it cuts into a much needed happy hour like it did Friday night. We did put in an offer on another house Friday night and will hear either way by tomorrow. At least it gave me a break from spending the weekend looking at houses. And so I finally got to finished the pair of socks I started over a month ago.

I think I’m finally bored with basic sock patterns. I love the way they turned out, but there were days when I didn’t even pick them up because of the mundane stitch. I will be putting them in the mail this week so they get to my cousin in time for his b-day. (Size 2 needles, basic sock patter, Knit Picks superwash sock yarn in Cape Cod).

I was adventurous this morning and decided I’d attempt quiche. After playing with the cooking time and oven temperature it finally came out cooked through:

If I’m not busy shopping for houses later in the week I will post the recipe I came up with for it. It was delish and Swiss cheese made a huge difference in taste compared with other homemade quiches I’ve had.

I’d love to stay on here and vent about all kinds of stuff going on in my life, but I’ll leave it for another day. My second mimosa is starting to effect my typing skills. It must be time for a refill.


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