So Much Yarn, So Little Time

As promised, I’m posting pics of all the wonderful yarn I picked up last weekend. I did not use up enough stash to warrant buying so much yarn, but guess what? I don’t care!! I wanted it and I got it. I don’t often splurge on myself so I feel completely justified in all that I bought. No, I don’t know when I’ll use it, or what I’ll use it for. But oh well. Such is life as a knitter.

First up – Tili Tomas beaded yarn in Ruby Wine:

I will admit that I lead a pretty sheltered life when it comes to yarn. I don’t do a lot of online purchases and really don’t venture outside what the LYS in the area stock. I’d never heard of Tili Tomas yarns before Stitches West and Kim (sad, I know). Oh. My. God. You mean I can buy yarn that already has the beads in it?! Genius!! Expensive, but genius! I only got one because of the price, but I could have easily spent a lot more at any of the booths selling it.

Next, Socks That Rock (one of my faves!) Medium Weight Mill Ends. No name but cheapskate me is all over the discounted mill ends!

The colors are blues and greens and remind me of the sea. So beautiful. I’m glad Kim knew to make beeline right to their booth because the mill ends went quick, along with many of their most beautiful colored yarn. (380 yards of STR Yarn for $14 =  happy dancing!)

It was a day for sock yarn, that’s for sure. Here is a sock yarn Kim helped me pick out for a pair of socks for my hubby. We did good because he loves the colors. And the yarn is so soft 🙂

The label says “On Line Supersocke 100” and the color is Sierra. That’s about the closest thing I can find about the manufacturer. Oh and it was made in Turkey.

Luckily we found the one vendor who had Noro Sock Yarn. Yes, I’m a sucker for Noro’s colors and the fact they now have sock yarn doesn’t help my weakness.

The one in front is color # S164 and the one behind it is Color # S149. No, I couldn’t buy just one. Who knows when any of the LYS around Boise will be carrying this stuff.

I picked up some fun eyelash yarn for $4 because it was pretty and will make a quick and easy scarf for someone who isn’t a yarn snob and likes funky looking yarn: I actually work with several woman who’d love this stuff. It’s so shiny.

And the real bargain of the day were hanks of cashmere merino for $8 each. I bought 6 in black and 5 in lavender and was only charged for six by the sweet old guy ringing everyone up. To much fun. Gotta get back to knitting!



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  1. * Kris says:

    $14 bucks for STR? What a score! I can’t wait until August and Stitches Midwest.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  2. * Ashley says:

    I am so jealous! Everything is so beautiful…you have awesome taste in colorways! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago

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