I think this picture sums up my week rather well. It was unusually busy at work, dealt with all kinds of idiots, had a couple of sick days and this yarn just wouldn’t work for me. I tried four different patterns before giving up. I’m so glad I did and went with a basic sock pattern (like I origianlly thought). It’s knitting up much faster since I have nothing that requires a lot of concentration and I love what the colors are doing in the sock. It will be hard giving these ones up. Here’s my progress so far:

It’s the French 75 sock yarn from a few posts back. It’s sport-weight and I’m used to knitting with fingering. Not that there is a huge difference, but it seemed to cause substitution problems for the patterns I was considering.

So, now I’m just enjoying the rest of my three day weekend. It snowed overnight and it should stay cold enough for it to last, at least for the day 🙂 So glad I got all my errands done yesterday. I’m going to make myself a mocha and curl up with more knitting and my dogs.


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