Christmas Knitting = arrgghh

I told myself I was not doing Christmas knitting this year, mainly because I’m a very selfish knitter, an no I’m not ashamed to admit that. But also because the majority of the people I have knit Christmas gifts for in the past don’t appreciate the items I’ve made for them. Some of them didn’t even say “thank you” last year and ungrateful people make me extremely upset.

But here I am knitting a scarf for the receptionist at my work and thinking about the one I need to start for my Secret Santa,also at work. And I have a sick cousin who I think needs a pair of socks. And another cousin’s one year old would look so cute in a bright pink beaning. And then there is me. I mean I still haven’t figured out I need to start knitting warm stuff in the summer because it get fricken’ cold here come late fall/early winter. I have no beanies, no mittens and very few scarfs. Again, it all comes back to me because I’m selfish. Yes I am!

Luckily the scarfs knit up quick – drop stitch from Stitch N Bitch Nation in Lion Brand Thick & Quick. This year I will take pictures of the gifts I knit. However I’m not guaranteeing anyone anything other than the scarfs will be done by Christmas. I will have to teenagers in the house for the next few weeks starting Monday.

Please don’t get me started on that tonight though. Knitting stress is about all I can handle tonight.


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