Glad To Be Home

So I spent a very long weekend in Fresno with K for her birthday blowout. And what a blowout it was. I had so much fun and have so many fun pics I’m hoping to post.

Friday we did lunch at PF Chang’s (yummy, but so much food), yarn shopping, manicures, happy hour with our friend B at Chevy’s, and more shopping. I think we were in bed by 10pm Friday. A sure sign we can’t hang like we used to 🙂

Here is K enjoying the very cute and perfectly sized dessert from PF Chang’s – a lit candle without the embarrassing signing (thank you PF Chang’s!)

And here we are at our old haunt Chevy’s for “chips and salsa”, which really means a couple margaritas with chips, tortillas and salsa for dinner and lots of girl talk 😛

So, I’m still catching up on laundry and I’m ready to fall into bed. Pics from the actual B-day party and the matching socks we made just for this weekend to come in a day or two.


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