Not Another Hobby

Friday night I went to a Stampin’ Up class with my cousin. And now I’m hooked on stamping. Yes, I woke up Saturday morning and the first thing I did was check both Craigslist and E-Bay for stamping stuff. I went and got today’s paper “cuz we’re moving and I need paper to wrap with”, but honestly it was to check out the Michael’s and Craft Warehouse weekly ad (horray for coupons!!). Thanks Nic for getting me hooked on one more thing I now need to find time (and money) for to satisfy the very, very small creative gene I have. Some pics of the things I made.


Seriously, I’m not at all creative so I’m very proud of all the little cards and stuff I came home with. A few things look like they came from a newbie, but I still love it all. So much so that I keep pulling everything out to admire my handiwork 🙂 And I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about gift tags this year. I swear, every year at Christmas I’m frantically searching for the pack of tags I bought the year before only to run out at the last minute to buy more. And it never fails, a few days later when I’m put all my wrapping stuff away I find the pack that I bought the previous year. And I always think “What the hell was I thinking when I put these here??!!” But I hate wrapping and it’s an activity that is usually accompanied with several glasses of wine. Which explains a lot I think. But yay for me, I’m loaded up with Christmas gift tags for this year. Until I lose them in the upcoming move 😛


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  1. * Kimberly S says:

    Those look great! What fun stamping is. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 5 months ago

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