Yay, It’s Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season! I love the cooler weather and the way the air smells. I love having to bundle up in bulky sweaters and drinking hot tea all day long. I love the smell of the crock-pot working away with a hearty pot roast. I love burning all of my candles. I love all the things that usually aren’t done in the summer, cuz it’s just too hot. And football!!

We’ve had some weird weather here in Boise the last couple weeks. One day it will be close to 90 degrees and the next day we’ll have a wind and rain storm. Only to go back to warm sunny days. But this last week it’s stayed consistently cool, even with the sun out. I’m not quite ready to pull my winter clothes out, but it’s nice to be in a light sweater and to pull on my boots 🙂 And I don’t have to worry about keeping up with my pedi’s because there is no way I’m wearing open toed shoes for a while.

It’s days like these when I don’t feel guilty for wanting to stay home, all bundled up with my knitting in my lap, a good movie playing and the dogs curled up at my feet.


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