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5 Day Weekend! (don’t be jealous)

I work for a school district here in the Boise area and although I work in the administrative offices so I don’t get the whole summer off, we do get more days off than a typical private corporation. Not that we get paid for those extra days off, but its spread out over the year so it doesn’t feel like a big hit on the paycheck. Today was my Monday and tomorrow is my Friday! Yep, 5 day weekend.

I’m planning on keeping myself plenty busy with cleaning and the holiday on Wednesday. Kim will be here Saturday night so I have almost 3 whole days to get this place in some kind of order. But 5 days off in a row! It’s like having a mini-vacation without having to use up my vacation days. And just about the time I’d usually be getting bored and wanting to go back to work I’ll have company to keep (and keep me) entertained. Yay for short work weeks! <<off to do the happy dance>>


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