New Shoes

Nothing like a new pair of cross trainers to really get me motivated to keep working out 🙂

They are grey and purple, one of my favorite color combos, and so comfy. I never realize how worn out my workout shoes get until I get a new pair.

New Shoes 

While I’ve been good at working out 3x a week, I have not been good with my eating. Last week I was very depressed and PMSing so I went easy on myself and gave in to almost everything I craved. Big mistake! Now I’m having a very hard time going back to being good and eating right. I’m not on a “diet” just cutting back on sweets (major weakness) and fast food or eating out in general. It’s a weight thing and a money thing. Funny how when you’re on a tight budget it’s much easier to give up going out to lunch and eating such big portions. When I take my lunch and eat in the breakroom at work I 1) eat much smaller amounts of food and get full on just that, 2) I save money on gas and 3) it’s much easier to pass up that Oreo Blast from Sonic if I don’t see the big Sonic sign beckoning to me as I drive by. And so the work week is almost half over, but starting tomorrow I’ll be back to my “no eating out, bring lunch from home” challenge for myself.


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