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Today was a great Friday.
Aren’t all Friday’s?
Well, most of the time. But let me explain what made today a really great Friday.

First, the work day flew by. Half of the building was gone today so I was sure the day was going to drag by, like it has the last couple Fridays. Nope. I was busy all day, laughed with my coworkers who tell the funniest stories about their kids, and the next thing I knew it was 5 o’clock.

The next great thing. Called hubby on the way home and he was still at work. And would be for another hour or two. Sucks for him, but woo-hoo for me. I can’t tell you when the last time I came home before him and just got to sit and undwind a little on my own. No “What’s for dinner?” or “Wadda want to do tonight?” as I’m walking throug the door. So I’m sitting here enjoying a vodka tonic, watching the dogs wrestle and listening to my fave Dave Matthews Band CD (which hubby can’t stand).

And to top it all off I had a little something special from my knitty secret pal waiting for me in my mailbox. A wonderful little knitting card, the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits and a baggie of margarita flavored Jelly Bellys. The only flavor of Jelly Bellys I hunt out everytime we get a new bag. Thank you so much SP. I feel so loved.
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Happy Friday!


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  1. * Secret Pal says:

    I’m glad you got your package! I thought I was going to get home before my husband last night, but sadly he left work early. Then he was calling me wondering what we were having for dinner. (He couldn’t even wait to accost me while walking in the door!) Enjoy your weekend!

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