Read Something

All my wonderful co-workers gave me the nasty cold they have been passing around for some time. I’m finally getting over it, but I was laid up all weekend (again) trying to get better. One good thing came out of it though – I finished my 2nd broadripple sock. I just haven’t had the energy to take pics yet. Maybe in the next couple of days.

After doing a lot of knitting the last year I decided that I’m taking a short break to actually read a book. I realized I’ve been watching a whole lot more T.V. than I usually like thanks to the library having whole seasons of shows that I can sit and watch in a week and knitting and watching T.V. is just so easy. Sorry, but I still haven’t mastered the art of reading and knitting yet. I sometimes like to listen to books, but I don’t feel the same sense of accomplishment like after finishing a book.

So, rather than start a new project, I started a new book. It’s a chic-lit novel and so far a quick read. I want so badly to start a new project, but right now I am on a rather strick yarn diet and everything in my stash can wait til I figure out what I want to knit. Luckily I’m a pretty fast reader so I’ll be knitting by this weekend, I’m sure.


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