Hitting the Gym

The gym. It’s either loved or hated. I don’t know too many people who have in between feelings about the gym. Personally, I love the gym. Or should I say I love working out. I ended my last gym membership a few years ago and for a long time worked out at home. We had an elliptical trainer and I have a large library of exercise videos and DVD’s. This worked great for me because we had plenty of room in our apartment living room and we lived above garages so I didn’t have to worry about neighbors below us.

And then I stopped. Pretty much all together. I had foot surgery which laid me up for a few months. Started planning my wedding. Then I moved. To another state and a new apartment that was not so workout friendly. On top of that I had a job that ran me ragged and was a long commute. So I just never got back into the routine.

I’ve moved yet again and since being here I’ve wanted to start up again. When my husband’s cousin offered us a “friends and family” discount through his company it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. And I’m not the type to spend money on something and not use it-even if it is discounted. So I laid out the money for a year membership. But have I gone. No, I have not. I want to really bad, but just didn’t have the motivation. But I realized what my problem was. I’m afraid to go somewhere, by myself, for the first time.

So, I decided that I was going to the gym tonight after work. But then the excuses started coming up faster than I could shake them. The main one being “It’s Monday and EVERYONE will be there” Even when I was working out on a regular basis I never went on Mondays just for that reason. Sometimes Tuesdays too, but I’d at least drive by and check it out.

But I did go to the gym! I just didn’t work out. I went there and asked for a tour. One of the salesmen showed me around, gave me a class schedule and got me all motivated to really start going. So I’m packing my bag tonight and I’m hitting the gym-right after work. NO EXCUSES!

There. Now it’s out there and I feel accountable. Even if no one reads this at least I’m saying it and now will feel obligated to go.


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